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Exactly four years ago we started amparoSoft, a project dedicated to creating mobile tools to help expanding your (and our) knowledge and skills, since then we’ve have been focusing on music education mainly. Our first project was the android app Shred Guitar Mastery (Download), followed by our popular Creative Rhythm Metronome (Download) also for android. They both were featured as free app of the day in the Amazon Appstore and are being updated on a regular basis for new features and improvements.

Today we have more products for Android, Blackberry 10, Kindle Fire, Windows, Mac OS X and Jamtracks (Products) and services like professional guitar transcription (Services) and keep on innovating.

Head over to amparoSoft and download free apps, licks, backing tracks, and software http://www.amparosoft.com.

Our newest additions:

Guitar Master Sweeper Jamtracks (Videos + tabs package)

What you get:
• 20 Original & methodical sweep picking exercises
• 60 Exercise videos with embedded animated tab, pick animations and right hand-left hand simultaneous view (Fast/Slow/Superslow)
• 60 MP3 Audio files (Fast/Slow/Superslow)
• 60 MP3 Audio with backing metronome click (Fast/slow/Superslow)
• 20 Guitar Pro files
• 20 PDF files with exercises with its description and tab
• Complete “Play along” Practice Routine (audio/backing track)

27 Licks – Shred Guitar Mastery Jamtracks -LickJungle (Videos + tabs package)

What you get:
• 27 Licks + 11 Backing tracks
• 81 Lick Videos with embedded animated tab (Fast/Slow/Superslow)
• 81 Lick Videos with fretboard patterns (Fast/Slow/Superslow)
• 81 MP3 Audio files (Fast/Slow/Superslow)
• 33 Lick Backings (Fast/slow/Superslow)
• 27 Guitar Pro files (gp5/gpx)
• 27 PDF files with Music theory, lick analysis and additional tips


We also love hearing from you and take your suggestions very seriously!


Juan Reina

CEO amparoSoft



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