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Introducing our Affiliate Program. Earn up to 70 USD for every sale

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Earn up to 70 USD per sale Become an amparosoft affiliate and earn 20% for every sale that comes from sharing your personal affiliate link to your audience and friends of our great deluxe product 500+ “Best Licks – Intuitive Guitar” Full series for Windows, macOS and linux. ( This is a 400 USD product […]

Intuitive Guitar – Major Scale Modes

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We’re very happy to introduce our new app “Intuitive Guitar -Major Scale Modes”: Internalize the 7 modes of the major scale effortlessly with this new approach   Why is it that many video courses, guitar lessons, guitarists, apps and tutorials explain the concept of modes for guitar over and over again? Because they are very […]

What’s new in amparoSoft?

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Exactly four years ago we started amparoSoft, a project dedicated to creating mobile tools to help expanding your (and our) knowledge and skills, since then we’ve have been focusing on music education mainly. Our first project was the android app Shred Guitar Mastery (Download), followed by our popular Creative Rhythm Metronome (Download) also for android. They […]