On our way to 1000 best licks and iOS with your support

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Hi there, hope you are fine. We’re aiming at becoming the best and largest collection of guitar licks available and at the same time bringing innovation to guitar learning. As of today, we have 585 best licks and we’re on our way to reaching 1000. We want to thank all of our buyers and app subscribers for their support and belief in our work, it certainly serves as motivation to continue improving.

What makes us different?

As you may have already noticed our transcription work can be only defined as excellence. The hardest to transcribe licks, during live shows, with tempo changes, transcribed as accurately as it has never been done before. Proof to that statement is that the transcribed version syncs perfectly to the original audio. No one else takes the time to achieve that.

Our technology is ahead of its time. Even today, guitar players and creators are attached to pdf or guitar pro for learning music. We have created and continue to create apps and tools to help you learn faster and better. Take our iPracticeMyMusic player for instance, with a state of the art slow-down technology that we implemented directly from very recent research papers in addition to our own research, multiple tracks, tabs, video, audio, midi in one single file. You just open an asong in our player, slow it down and start playing along (hint: use loops to learn small sections at a time).

Don’t take my word for it. Try it. Intuitively, your playing will include all the little details and feeling from the very beginning. We have carefully given a lot of thought to this, and we know sometimes people don’t get why we do things this way. But there’s a profound reason behind everything we do.

What’s in the works?

We want to deliver our products for iOS and we have already started walking our way to this goal.

We want to reach at least the 1000 licks mark.

We want to port our iPracticeMyMusic player to Android and iOS

How can you help us reach these goals?

  • By buying our products. As all of us, we need money to survive and to continue creating greater things. By buying our stuff you can support us in our journey
  • By subscribing, commenting, sharing, reviewing and fairly rating our products. We give a lot for free. Like our youtube channel.
  • By giving us insight into what you want to see next

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