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iPracticeMyMusic Player V3.0 Brings Exciting New Features

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Amparosoft’s iPracticeMyMusic Player version 3.0 brings a whole lot of improvements and amazing new features, such as a new piano view and our own innovation in music visualization: scale degrees/functions for harmonic analysis. New Features: Piano view Scale degrees/functions -harmonic information Video tracks with multiple audios Fretboard view can now be displayed on top of […]

Rhythm Awareness Lesson 4: Triplets and Syncopation

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Download the tab for this lesson: Awareness Lesson 4 Triplets and Syncopation.pdf As promised at the end of our last lesson, this time we’re going to learn how to count, read and play triplets. As you recall, a quarter-note beat can be evenly split into two eighth notes (“one and”) or four 16th notes […]

Rhythm Awareness Lesson 3 – 16ths, rests and dotted rhythms

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In the last lesson, we learned how to count and play basic rhythms in 4/4 meter and subdivide beats into eighth notes by counting “one and, two and, three and, four and, one and, two and, three and, four and,” etc. We also learned how to create syncopation by using ties to combine rhythmic values […]

Rhythmic Awareness Lesson 2 – The Fundamentals

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Download the Tab for this lesson: Every musician should have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of rhythm. Even if you consider yourself an “ear player,” knowing how to count and play different rhythms while keeping a steady beat is a valuable skill that will help you in a variety of real-life musical situations. By […]

Rhythmic Awareness lesson 1 – Guthrie Govan

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Five major areas of guitar playing: Rhythmic awareness Harmonic awareness Fretboard knowledge Vocabulary Development of ideas Rhythm is probably the most important aspect of playing a musical instrument. Most players tend to ignore this all important skill and spend their time developing technique. Technique is very important, but worthless if you don’t know how to […]