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Guitar Jump Start 3D

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Guitar Jump Start 3D is our newest app for Android and Blackberry 10,  it’s a work in progress but we decided to publish it early in order to evolve it from your feedback. This is meant to be a learning tool, and hopefully will mature in a way that advanced players could find it useful. […]

Blues Guitar Soloist

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Two weeks ago we published a new guitar app packed with really new features, such as high quality video and animated tabs that are in sync with any audio, even the backing tracks and the metronome. Blues Guitar Soloist was under development since last year, and we aimed at producing a much higher quality product […]

Shred/Blues Guitar Guide

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Hi, We’ve just released a new free app:   Shred/Blues Guitar Guide Becoming a great electric guitar player is possible, even if you started late or believe that lack talent. With the right tools and proper motivation you too can be jamming like guitar gods such as Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert or Greg Howe. This […]