Shred Guitar Mastery – LickJungle is now actually free with Amazon Underground

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Dear AmparoSoft Customers,
We introduced Shred Guitar Mastery – Lickjungle to the Android community in May 13th 2012, as one of a kind app for intermediate and advanced Guitar Players with licks in the style of the gods of the art of shredding. Now, several years later, it continues to be unique in the markets, and has been ported to other platforms, for Windows and Mac OS X, and is also available as a platform-independent jamtracks version with tabs, pdfs, videos and audios.And the good news is : it’s now actually free with Amazon Underground.

And here it is, completely free, full featured:

Practice, learn, have fun, play along with the backing tracks or improvise. This is the first Android application that aims at making you become the best guitar player you can be. This app will guide you to develop your full potential. With carefully selected short and very cool licks you will be practicing to unlock all your abilities. These are not boring exercises, they are impressive, challenging and rewarding licks that you can incorporate into your personal style as soon as possible. Even if you are not a rock guitarist you will greatly benefit from this.
It features:

  • 30 Challenging licks to keep you busy for months
  • 81 videos with animated tab (for the first 27 licks at fast/normal/superslow speeds)
  • Tablature for every lick
  • Accompaniment backing tracks for most licks
  • Demo, fast, slow or super slow audios
  • Lick analysis with fretboard patterns and guidelines on how to
    improvise over the backing tracks
  • See all of the licks performed in video
  • Simple and precise metronome up to 500 bpm
  • Basic and advanced guidelines on how to practice to master these challenging licks
  • These licks also make excellent warm up exercises

We appreciate you try our Shred Guitar Mastery app, it’s full featured, it’s now free with Amazon Underground, it doesn’t get any better than that. Please share it with your friends and colleagues.


Juan Reina
CEO, AmparoSoft


1. Download Amazon Underground from
2. Install the app and Run it
3. Look for “Shred Guitar Mastery” and Join thousands of happy users

Here’s the direct link to the app:

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