How to Unlock Licks in LickJungle Shred Guitar FREE

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Download LickJungle Shred Guitar Here:

LickJungle Shred Guitar FREE uses an unusual model for monetization to give the users as many features as free as possible, while at the same time allowing the developers to support their work. I am taking about Tapjoy here, an advertising company that exchanges installs/actions for an app currency. This is mostly used for games, to unlock new levels or buy new weapons, but without the user having to spend any money. In LickJungle Shred guitar the currency is called Beats. After collecting 100 beats you can unlock 7 more licks with audio, tab and backing tracks, just like in the paid version.

I will explain this process with a more detail here. (Feel free to submit commentaries or questions below)

In this example, the initial number of beats is 78, as you can see in this screenshot:

Now, let’s try to unlock a new lick, lick number 10 in the style of Yngwie Malmsteen. Tap on the lick’s title (on 3.Paul Gilbert Style). You will the the following menu:

After tapping on lick 10, the next message appears:

This is telling you that lick 10 can be unlocked with 100 beats. Since we have only 78 beats, let’s tap on Show available quests:

You will see tapjoy offers at the left indicating the action you could engage with, like download and run a game, download run a game and complete a level, watch a movie, and at the right column the number of beats you will earn after completing the corresponding action. Let’ s tap on the first offer for 15 beats: Download and run 101-in-1 games.

After being redirected to Google Play, install the game and then open it.

You can check the game out for a while. When you come back to LickJungle you will notice an increase in the number of beats you have:

Now we have 78+15 = 93 beats. But this is not enough to unlock a lick. Let’s complete another “quest” and receive 10 beats more, in this case we will install and run Coin Dozer (I will skip many steps)

Return to LickJungle Shred Guitar and you will see that we now have 105 beats:

Now that we are ready, let’s try to unlock lick number 10 again (tap on unlock now, third image):

Lick number 10 has been unlocked and you now have spent 100 beats, the remaining 5 beats can be used to sum up and unlock new licks, so enjoy your new lick!



If unlocking licks seems rather tedious to you, you can avoid the hassle by expending very little money in LickJungle Shred Guitar paid version, which you can find in,, and Opera (new!) apps stores. You will have 20 licks and more will be added in the near future. Your guitar will thank you, and you will be supporting us (the developers) too, so we can bring more apps of this kind to you…hint: We have many ideas for next year.

Thank you,

Juan Reina

CEO Amparosoft

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