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On our way to 1000 best licks and iOS with your support

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Hi there, hope you are fine. We’re aiming at becoming the best and largest collection of guitar licks available and at the same time bringing innovation to guitar learning. As of today, we have 585 best licks and we’re on our way to reaching 1000. We want to thank all of our buyers and app […]

118 Rock/Shred Licks from “Best Licks – Intuitive Guitar”

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These challenging and precise tabs in asong format will for certain improve your guitar playing, providing you with a sophisticated library of licks and innovative standalone tools to help you build your own style. Discover amazing and underrated guitar players all over the world. Features: Lifetime updates. Buy once and get all the new added […]

How to Unlock Licks in LickJungle Shred Guitar FREE

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Download LickJungle Shred Guitar Here: LickJungle Shred Guitar FREE uses an unusual model for monetization to give the users as many features as free as possible, while at the same time allowing the developers to support their work. I am taking about Tapjoy here, an advertising company that exchanges installs/actions for an app currency. This […]