4 things we’re doing during this global crisis

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We have all been affected by this global health and economic crisis because of the corona virus and these are

4 things we’re doing for support

I hope you are all healthy and remain calm in the comfort of your home and family. These are difficult times for everyone but also great opportunities for improving your guitar skills. We know money might be an issue or you might be really bored in isolation and looking for things to do.

Here are some ideas

Number 1 – The Modes (Free Handbook)

Download our free pdf explaining the modes in a very simple and concise way. You probably won’t need anything else about modes theory

Modal Theory – Major Scale Modes Simplified – Free Handbook

Number 2 – Free App Subscription

Our android app 500+ Best Licks – Intuitive Guitar is for a limited time offering a free 7 day trial before subscribing, with all licks and features available!

Download the app if you haven’t, click on buy a monthly subscription and you’ll find the free trial

Number 3 – New Affiliate Program (make money with us)

This crisis might have taken all of us by surprise and working from home is almost mandatory for everyone. People are uploading their products online as fast as they can, maybe you want to try this but still don’t have anything to sell. We invite you to take this opportunity to make up to 70USD per sale of our deluxe product “500+ Best Licks – Intuitive Guitar” for windows/macOS/linux.

Find out more here:

Number 4 – 30% discount in all of our gumroad products

Use the discount code 30off for a 30% discount in any of these products:

Our gumroad products

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