Rhythmic Awareness lesson 1 – Guthrie Govan

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Five major areas of guitar playing:

  1. Rhythmic awareness
  2. Harmonic awareness
  3. Fretboard knowledge
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Development of ideas

Rhythm is probably the most important aspect of playing a musical instrument. Most players tend to ignore this all important skill and spend their time developing technique. Technique is very important, but worthless if you don’t know how to make your guitar groove.

We’ve designed a lick that can take you from being a robotic machine gun type of shred player that plays boring straight 16th notes most of the time, to be well on your way to becoming a more interesting, funkier rhythmic player.

This one is in Guthrie Govan’s style and it contains a very healthy dose of 16th-note rhythm variations. It can be a bit challenging, particularly at a fast speed, but if you work on it slowly for a while and, once it’s mastered at a slow speed, move to a faster tempo gradually, it will reap its rewards.

Work on isolating each different beat or bar and play exclusively with that rhythm, adding different note choices and coming up with licks by moving all over the fretboard, while playing with the same rhythm. Make your ideas sound musical by adding expression (slides, bends, vibrato, etc). This is a great way to develop your rhythmic vocabulary so that you have the ability to come up with completely new rhythms spontaneously during improvisation.

We hope you enjoy these lesson series and look forward to our next lesson very soon.

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