Shred Guitar Mastery – LickJungle 4.4 Update

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Shred Guitar Mastery was first published in 2012 with a very simple look and our great content. Many improvements have been implemented over the years. We’re happy to let you know of the new changes that include:

  • New look
  • Video Zoom Feature
  • Download and watch videos from the app or from Youtube
  • Force SD Quality for Videos (default is HD quality)
  • Available for Android, Windows and Mac OS X and as Jamtracks (Video/audio/tab package)

Old Look

Just so you can see the evolution. This old version had 20 licks and required users to exit the app to watch the videos from youtube. And due to some restrictions that Google Play had at the time, you couldn’t buy the app from their store. It was only available at the Amazon Appstore. This was enough to be featured as Free App of the Day in 2013 though, reaching more than 50 thousand downloads in a single day.


New Look


Download it


Google Play (Free)

Amazon Appstore


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