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Shred Guitar Mastery for Windows and Mac OS X

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We’re happy to announce the release of Shred Guitar Mastery – LickJungle for Windows and Mac OS X. Lickjungle was first released for the Android platform in 2012 in the Amazon Appstore where it was featured as the free app of the day in April 13/2013, achieving more than 50 thousand downloads that single day. […]

What’s new in amparoSoft?

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Exactly four years ago we started amparoSoft, a project dedicated to creating mobile tools to help expanding your (and our) knowledge and skills, since then we’ve have been focusing on music education mainly. Our first project was the android app Shred Guitar Mastery (Download), followed by our popular Creative Rhythm Metronome (Download) also for android. They […]

Speed Trainer for Creative Metronome

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Creative Metronome has undergone a number of improvements since its release in 2012, many have came from users’ ideas, like the “Just Rhythm” feature, or the topic of this blog: The speed trainer.  This new feature allows automatic increments/decrements in tempo after a bar has been repeated a configurable number of times. It’s ideal for […]

Blues Guitar Soloist for Mac OS X

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We are very proud to announce that Mac OS X is the new supported platform, starting from Mountain Lion (10.7), Mac owners can run Blues Guitar Lead Concepts. Get the Lite and Full versions from Amazon or directly from Full version for Mac:   Lite version for Mac:  

Blues Guitar Soloist for PC released

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In our on-going effort to bring music education to everyone with the use of technology, we are very proud to inform that our application “Blues Guitar Soloist” has been ported to PC. Essentially it has the same great features and quality of the Android version with an important addition: You have access to the audio […]

Blues Guitar Soloist for Desktop -Development update 1

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We’ve been working hard to port our app “Blues Guitar Soloist”/”Blues Guitar Lead Concepts” to desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux). We have made a lot of progress which I would like to share in this video: As you can see, it’s been developed to feel fast, intuitive and with a touch-like user interface. It’ll be released […]

Guitar Jump Start 3D full version with a 3D metronome

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Last year we decided to release Guitar JumpStart 3D free as a work in progress. The main idea was to listen to the users opinions and then try to evolve the app with your feedback. In this post I will show the progress of that process. Guitar JumpStart 3D now has 6 lessons for complete […]