Guitar Transcription/Lessons

Shred Guitar Mastery. Develop face-melting speed chops, play cooler licks with stunning accuracy, impress your friends and expand your vocabulary while you learn from the masters with this over-the-top collection of shred licks, video, tab analysis, fretboard shapes, backing tracks and audios.

Guitar/Music lessons:


Your choice of 30 minutes per lesson or 1 hour per lesson


Introductory lesson/30 minute lesson:  $12 US.

1 hour lesson - $20 US.     2 hour lesson package - $35 US.     4 hour lesson package - $60 US.


Paypal. Email address for paypal account is

Payment must be made before the first lesson.

What You Need:

Skype account plus a webcam and a microphone.

Time and Duration:

Once a week for 30 minutes/1 hour, with a consistent day and time each week. I am based in Cali,
Colombia and go by UTC-5. All confirmed bookings will be UTC-5,
so please keep this in mind when booking and when confirmation is received.


48 hours notice. If appropriate notice is not given, the lesson is considered a paid lesson.  Reschedule of lessons is possible,
and you don't lose your money if you couldn't make it  as long as you tell me with anticipation.

No shows and lates:

I will remain available for a lesson up to 20 minutes. If you do not show within 20min of your
30min lesson, you would lose that particular lesson. If you are late, that time will be deducted
from your 30mins.

What I will be Teaching:

Anything that you want to improve on your playing or music skills. I am a licensed professional
teacher and have been teaching for many years. My focus is on the student's skills, I will create a specific
short and long-term plan to map your development, including written materials and flexible learning paths.


You can contact me at:

Once payment is received, I will send confirmation of payment as well as setup the date and time
for the lessons. Possible times could be from 7 am to 11 pm (UTC-5).

If interested, my Skype Name is:   absopitch
Add me so we can chat and setup the sound and video before the introductory lesson.

Guitar Transcription

  • Professional Guitar Transcriptions with animated tab
  • Backing Track Design

Can't find an accurate transcription (tab) of a song/solo section/lick you're dying to learn? Don't worry, we can help you.

You can also get an animated tab in sync with the song at different speeds as shown in these videos for faster and better learning.

For quotes write to Otto Reina

Some Examples: