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Blues Guitar Soloist: Blues soloing techniques for the intermediate guitarist with tabs and videos with video at three different speeds, audios, tabs and backing tracks.


Introducing Amparosoft's first original '30 mini licks' package. The ultimate product for learning bite-sized licks. We have put together 30 brand new and increasingly difficult minor fusion licks that are designed to really raise your fusion game. Each lick was created as a motive or cell that can be easily developed and integrated into your playing so you can start molding your own unique vocabulary for improvisation.

Think of each mini lick as a piece of a jigsaw puzzle: you can put all the pieces together and form the solo that's included and see all the pieces nicely laid out in front of you or you can start creating your own puzzles, since the pieces are small and adaptable enough that they can easily take you in different directions. There is A LOT that you can do with this mini-licks package! Work your way up from Lick 1 to the finale at your own pace, learn a full minor fusion solo or create your own licks and improvised solos. As ever, accurate TAB/Notation is included for each lick.

What you get:

• 31 Guitar Pro files (.gpx, .gp5)
  • 30 original licks
  • 1 full solo
• 31 PDFs with tablature (.pdf)
  • 30 original licks
  • 1 full solo

Modern Rock Fusion will also be available (mid-2017) for Android, Windows and Mac OS X, and as a jamtrack from http://www.amparosoft.com.
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All music is composed by Otto Reina

Price: $2.99