Develop a terrifying sweep picking technique with videos, tabs and a practice routine for Windows, Mac OS X and Android with Guitar Master Sweeper

30 Licks - Modern Rock Fusion for Guitar - Just Tabs


Introducing Amparosoft's first original '30 mini licks' package. The ultimate product for learning bite-sized licks. We have put together 30 brand new and increasingly difficult minor fusion licks that are designed to really raise your fusion game. Each lick was created as a motive or cell that can be easily developed and integrated into your playing so you can start molding your own unique vocabulary for improvisation.

Price: $2.99

27 Licks - Shred Guitar Mastery Jamtracks -LickJungle (Videos + tabs package)


Practice, learn, have fun, play along with the backing tracks, improvise and become the best guitar player you can be. These carefully-selected and very cool licks will help you develop your full potential, so you will be practicing to unlock all of your abilities. These are not boring exercises, they are impressive, challenging and rewarding licks that you can incorporate into your personal style as soon as possible. Even if you are not a rock guitarist you will greatly benefit from this. 

For intermediate and advanced players.

Price: $11.99

Guitar Master Sweeper Jamtracks (Videos + tabs package)


This is a new and systematic approach to sweep picking. It will focus on the right hand and its weaknesses when it comes to sweeping. I'm sure most of you have tried to learn to sweep pick at one point or another in your development as a guitarist, and there certainly are many shred players who are masters of this technique (Frank Gambale, Jason Becker, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rick Graham, etc).

Price: $13.99